Search Committee Update

The Consistory has determined the approach we will follow to enable a search for a new Pastor.

We will begin by asking for volunteers to form a Search Committee. The consistory may also request members to join to supplement the volunteers.

The approach we will take involves a series of small group discussions held with the congregation. During these sessions, we will ask a series of questions designed to gather the opinions of the congregation on the future, and future needs, of FRC. Many of these sessions will be held as small groups immediately following the morning service on Sundays, while others may be held in member homes, to ensure all members voices are heard.

During these meetings, the search committee members will be teamed up with a consistory member to capture and record the ideas generated. When all input is gathered, the Search committee members will work with the consistory to summarize all the results, create the Church Profile that forms part of search process, and prioritize the criteria for a new Pastor.

From this point the Search committee members will work more independent of the consistory, to search out interested pastors and assess them against the criteria, complete interviews where appropriate, and make recommendations back to the Consistory.