The Reverend Florence Dekker has a passion for preaching, teaching, and worship.

Read about Rev. Florence’s ¬†ordination at FRC here.

Elders and Deacons

As part of the Reformed Church in America, our community is led by elders and deacons elected from among the members of the congregation. The elders care for the spiritual concerns of the church, including the organization of worship, the educational ministries, and the care of souls. They also administer the business issues as they relate to the greater church. The deacons care for the practical¬†needs of the church, including the mission and outreach projects, the social events, and the physical care of persons. They also administer the property and finances of the church. Together, the elders and deacons, with the Minister of Word and Sacrament, make up the leadership team, called the ¬†“consistory” of the church.